Are there any more firsts?

February 20, 2009

My first day of school, so proud as I walked in the classroom, the teacher asked me if I had a nickname. I thought this is great, I can have a new name with my new experience. My first crush, I thought I would die of embarrassment if the world found out. My first kiss, my lips felt as though the were brushed with a paint brush made of silk from heaven. My first love, I felt as though the world around me disappeared as my heart melted into his.  My first day of college, I was so independet yet so terrified. My first job, I was on top of the world. My wedding, my first and hopefully my last, I was a truely a princess as I floated through the air a spectacle for all to see. My first pregnancy, was a miracle. A life growing inside me, living and surviving because of me. The birth of my first child, overwhelming devotion and love for part of me that  can finally see and touch.

Then what? Are there anymore firsts? Now I live my children’s first. Are my firsts over? The pure naivety of a first is a beautiful gift. I cherish everyone of my firsts hoping I will stumble upon a first again.